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What is it like to work at Comrise?

Here's what some of our awesome staff have to say...

  • “One of my keep takeaways from Comrise was definitely sharpening my communication skills, it really taught me how to talk…”

    Hannah Tomkins

    Recruiting Intern
  • “My favorite thing about Comrise is the encouragement and support from my account managers, you can learn a lot from…”

    Zoe Ye

    Cross Border Services Recruiter
  • “[Comrise] really made me feel comfortable to speak up and bring up different ideas so I wasn't afraid of making…”

    Sherry Lin

    Marketing Intern
  • “While working at Comrise my skill set grew exponentially and because of that I now feel really confident while walking…”

    Deyni Mejia-Zaccaro

    Marketing Intern
  • “I had to use skills that weren't taught in school. These were some skills I've wanted to learn for a…”

    Angelica Fang

    Software Engineer Intern

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