Our Analytics


Comrise is fully committed to ensuring that our services exceed every aspect of our client’s quality standards. Our Quality Commitment Analytics program is designed to measure the key factors that lead to client satisfaction. It has been tested and proven to provide a higher service satisfaction rate.

On average at Comrise, for every three resumes submitted, one candidate is interviewed for the role.

We conduct long-term trend analysis on our clients to ensure our quality and speed levels.

We measure submit to placement ratios to ensure our clients are receiving quality candidates and never inundated with resumes.

We aim to deliver qualified candidates within the first 24-48 hours.

We measure the time from when a job is created to the position start date.  This helps achieve excellence in all hiring stages.

Time is money and the faster we deliver our candidates to you, the faster you can move on to productive business.

30% of consultants are converted to full-time employees.

88% of our clients would recommend us to others while the industry average Net Promoter Score is only 9%.

Comrise has won the “Best Of Staffing Award” year after year!