Working At Comrise

My proudest achievement here at Comrise during my internship was posting content onto our Comrise website to give users knowledge and information about any upcoming technologies or industry news.

My proudest moment working at Comrise would have to be actually publishing content for our website, the fact that my work gets to go on our website for anyone to see means a lot to me.

My proudest moment at Comrise was when one of the first candidates I found got an interview for a job, it showed me that I was getting the hang of the whole recruitment process.

One of my keep takeaways from Comrise was definitely sharpening my communication skills, it really taught me how to talk to people in a professional manner.

My favorite thing about Comrise is the encouragement and support from my account managers, you can learn a lot from your peers.

[Comrise] really made me feel comfortable to speak up and bring up different ideas so I wasn't afraid of making mistakes.

While working at Comrise my skill set grew exponentially and because of that I now feel really confident while walking into job interviews.

I had to use skills that weren't taught in school. These were some skills I've wanted to learn for a very long time but never had the chance to and it was intimidating to try them on my own.

My favorite part of the internship was working with my team. I felt very comfortable going to them for any questions and felt welcomed from the first day.

What I've enjoyed most about working at Comrise is the company culture. Everyone is always willing to help.