Media Broadcasting Case Study

Comrise​ ​Reinforces Top-Talent Candidates for Media ​Broadcasting Company

A Thorough Screening Process Leads to A Higher Fill Rate

With stiff competition in music streaming, our client has been bolstering their market share by expanding their automobile service packaging, entering new geographic regions, and developing new complimentary products with smart cars and modern connected devices in mind. In recent years, our client was finding it more and more difficult to acquire professionals with enough experience and proficiency to fulfill their office. It had become increasingly more common to interview candidates and discover that their skills and experiences were greatly embellished. Naturally, this was creating frustration while also resulting in understaffed teams and lengthy transition periods.
Comrise stepped up to the challenge and the clients goals. They wanted a highly technical and diverse employee base, to support their digital services and product development teams. Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse professionals were two of the many sought-after roles that needed to be filled. Comrise understood the steps needed to be implemented, in order to reach these fulfillment goals, which included using an extensive background check process to find true candidates that qualified for the positions.
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Implementing Our Four Step Qualifying System

What differentiated Comrise from the company’s previous vendors was our 4 step qualifying system. Candidates go through a two person screening before reaching the client. At Comrise, recruiters and account managers are responsible for screening resumes before speaking with the candidates and prior to being recommended to the client. This allows for a two person consensus that the candidate has the communication skills and technical proficiency to work in the client's environment in order to be successful. Next, a “prove it test” is administered to assure a potential candidate has the necessary hands-on technical skills to fulfill the desired role. Lastly, a complete background check is performed to look and verify criminal, educational, and previous work history. In addition to searching for professionals who match the technical capabilities, there is also a cultural fit that is evaluated; strongly emphasizing candidates who would fit within the clients ethos. Comrise’s recruiting staff has worked together with our clients’ management and teams for many years, fostering a deeper understanding of their workplace culture and company philosophies. This allows us to search for candidates who could quickly adapt and integrate into the dynamic environment.

Through a true understanding of the company's requirements, constant communication, and a strong network of passive candidates, Comrise was able to effectively fill over 24% of contingent job openings against  20 other staffing vendors for this client and holds the #1 vendor position for all of 2016 and half of 2017.

Four Step Qualifying System Process:
  • Recruiters screen applications and speak with candidates
  • Account Managers speak with candidates who have been selected and reviewed by the recruiter
  • "Prove It Test" assessment is given to potential candidates to ensure technical aptitude
  • A full background check is performed to verify education and history