4 Things To Do After You Got The Job Offer

Published August 12th, 2019 by Lisa

4 Things To Do After You Got The Job Offer


Interviewee: Hello? 

Hiring manager: Hi, how are you? Is this _____? 

Congratulations! We want to offer you a position here at X company." 

Now you are probably really excited that you have passed all of the interview steps (phone interview, in-person interview, and post-interview) and finally got the job offer! You may be wondering what the next step is after getting a verbal offer. We will walk you through 4 steps that you should do after you got the job offer through verbal communication.

1.  Confirmation Email/ Official Offer Letter

After you got the job placement phone call from the hiring manager, it is necessary to send out a confirmation email regarding the offer. Remember, if you didn't get a written offer letter, it doesn't count that you have accepted the new position. You want to make sure you secured the job by getting an official email or letter. If the company is sending a letter, it has to be on legitimate company letterhead. Here are seven things to expect from the offer letter:

  1. Your new position at X company 
  2. Job responsibility 
  3. Start date and time 
  4. Compensation, benefits, and terms 
  5. Company policies 
  6. Confidentiality agreement 
  7. The hiring manager or HR's signature 

2. Schedule a meeting with your current employer 

If you are currently employed and you have decided to accept the offer with another company. It is best to send out an email and set up a meeting with your current manager to discuss your next career step. Remember, you want to resign professionally by making sure you have talked to everyone that you needed to. It is essential to leave on a good note, so when you are going through a background check,  your previous hiring managers and coworkers can provide references. Also, there is always a possibility that you may cross path with your coworkers in the future. 

3. Email other companies that you are interviewing with 

During the job-hunting process, you have probably applied and interviewed with more than one company. When you have decided to accept an offer from a company, you may send notice to other companies that you have moved on with your interview process. It is best to let them know you have decided to accept the offer from the other company. You should tell them that you are no longer interested in being considered to their company. You could help other hiring managers to move on with their interview process with other candidates. They would appreciate your honesty, and you value their time.

4. Additional research on the company 

Before the official start date, it is necessary that you go through the company's profile again before you start at the new company. You may or may not find additional information. However, it doesn't hurt to be fully knowledgeable about your new company. It is essential to stay on top of your new company's current news.

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