5 Reasons Why Companies Use Staffing Agencies?

Published August 29th, 2019 by Lisa

5 Reasons Why Companies Use Staffing Agencies?

Are you looking to hire? With the unemployment rate being an all-time low, many companies are struggling to meet the deadline of hiring on their own. As a result, partnering with staffing agencies is on the rise. Our Account Executive, Derek Goodwin will tell you 5 reasons why working with a staffing agency will benefit your business today. 
How do you partner with a client that has never worked with a staffing agency before? 
I introduce myself and Comrise to clients by providing a direct resource for them to review for a job that they have an opening for. Comrise is honest and direct, and we have to remind clients that right now, the market is tight, time is short, and companies need candidates immediately. We ask, "What can we do to help." Often the answer is that they want to talk to the candidate that we provide them or a candidate with a very similar background.  At Comrise, we are here to help our teams win, by taking a direct approach to solving their problems this shows we value their time and are readily available to help. 

Why are more companies working with staffing agencies? 
1. Shorter Timeline
Our professional recruiting team has an extensive network of resources that allow us to fill contract positions within 2-3 weeks of offer accepted. During the time of full-time placements, our recruiters also work with the timeline of 4-6 weeks. It is not just about finding the best talent; we collaborate with our company and candidate clients to manage every step of the hiring process ensuring that both parties expectations are met.
2. Cost-Effective

In the long run, Comrise can save our company clients significant amounts of money. Human Resources and Talent Acquisition managers are spending extensive time and resources searching for the right resource. We have a strong delivery team and an impressive network of resources we can share offering access to a larger talent pool.
3. Professional Recruiting
Comrise's recruiters are experienced in resume screening and filtering the right candidate. This includes finding a specific skill set through the screening process. Once we received an agreement from our clients, it is important to identify the client's need for their candidate. We not only focus on what our clients need; we also seek to understand the why behind every hire. Our candidate clients not only want to know what they will do in their next role; they want to know how it connects to the overall client goal. Transparent communication and expectation management are essential during the recruiting process. This expedites an efficient and effective recruiting process allowing us to help our company and candidate clients WIN.  
We will identify the following expectations to help us recruit:

  • Job Description    
  • Total Compensation 
  • Employment Duration (Start date and End date)
  • How does this role contribute to the overall company goals? 

4. Background check
Comrise takes the burden off the clients by conducting professional background checks and references to meet compliance standards set in the MSA.  
5. Build a Relationship. 
We help hiring managers with the hard to find talent. What we do at Comrise is not just helping our clients fill jobs, but we build relationships with our clients and candidates by listening and understanding their needs. When we truly pay attention to the needs of our clients and candidates, it helps build trust and confidence toward a lifelong relationship. Our mission is to help our candidate client find a better job than they had before they met us. Through this process, we also help our company clients find the right talent to help them WIN!

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