7 Simple Steps to Increase Work Productivity

Published May 17th, 2019 by Sarah

7 Simple Steps to Increase Work Productivity 

As a career professional, you want to feel accomplished in the workplace and effectively make the best of the hours in each day. Accomplishing goals in the workplace can sometimes feel overwhelming because of the tasks and challenges you are presented with daily. Use these simple steps to achieve everything on your to-do list, without the hassle.  

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Complete Daily Tasks 

There is a reason productivity goes up when you get organized. Setting daily and even weekly reminders for tasks is the first step toward productivity. iPhone apps like Trello and Google Calendar are a great way to keep on schedule and to see right away what needs to be accomplished. These apps are great for keeping tasks, goals, and meetings all in one place. We recommend going digital if you haven’t already, and start completing those tasks. 

Consider your health and sleep habits 

Depending on your morning commute, getting enough sleep is essential for functioning throughout the workday. The recommended hours of sleep is between 7-8 hours in order for you to successfully navigate the challenges of each day. Big presentation, project, or meeting? Starting the morning off with a healthy breakfast will also help jumpstart your productivity levels and provide energy to complete the days work.  

Get moving

Exercise is key, as it provides blood flow throughout your body and helps “wake up” your brain. However, if exercising is not your cup of tea, consider taking a quick walk around the office, grab a snack, stretch your legs, and give your mind a break from that computer screen. You’ll return to your desk refreshed and ready to finish that project! 

Set Goals   

Both personal and professional goals are essential for us to feel a sense of fulfillment. These goals don’t have to be unattainable, small goals like sending an important email, keeping your desk organized, or pitching a new idea to your boss are a great start. As for personal goals, maybe you’ve been meaning to try that new restaurant that just opened or enrolling in that online class you’ve always been interested in.   

Declutter your Desk  

Creative spaces tend to be messy, but your desk shouldn’t be. Decluttering your desk helps reduce little anxieties and allows you to stay organized. Utilizing folders, drawer space, and digital calendars are a good start to decluttering your workspace and reestablishing a more productive mindset. 

Time Management

Two-minute rule. Our advice for this one is simple if you can think of something that you can complete in two minutes just do it!  It helps to start with the smaller tasks, before moving on to the more time-consuming projects.  Successful time management can make a positive impact on your workday and helps you to balance your goals more efficiently. 

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