How did Comrise get started?

Published October 23rd, 2019 by Lisa

How did Comrise get started? 

When and how did George start Comrise?  
Comrise's founder George Liou started Comrise in 1984. George was a consultant at AT&T for ten years before establishing Comrise. He wanted to have higher challenges, so he thought he would start his own consulting/staffing company. George said starting his own business motivated him to work hard because it was much more challenging. 
"There was never a day that was dull, and every year's challenge was different."
- George Liu

Why did George choose Staffing Service? 
George saw an opportunity during the recession in the early 1990s. He saw there was a high demand for staffing services in the market, so he founded Comrise. George thought the staffing business has more business advantages compared with the products company. He said that products company depends on the product's life cycle, which he felt has a higher business risk and it would potentially lead his business to lose money.

When starting Comrise, what kind of qualities do you see in people when hiring? 
George said when he started Comrise, he would look for hard-working people who are persistent with their work. He was also looking for people who are hungry for learning and desire to do well. Employees with good work ethic traits would drive the company to success.

What was George's mission/vision for Comrise?
George wanted Comrise to be a high-quality company by helping customers around the world. His goal for Comrise was to be a successful and globalized company by connecting international talents locally and globally.
What does George see for Comrise's future?   
George sees Comrise continue to grow and add value to all the lives it touches. His vision is to expand his business all over the world. Today, Comrise has offices in North America and Asia regions. ( United States, China, Philippines, and Malaysia) George wants Comrise to become a truly global company by touching all areas in the world. 
As a leader, what advice can you give to other business professionals in the industry?  
For non-management role:
· After ten years, the senior or junior level should look for a higher challenge, don't take the easy job that you already know how to do.
· Take the position that challenges you. 
 For Leadership role:
· Have a demand for yourself.
· Help and work well with other

About George from Sincia Liu (Comrise Global President): 
What was George like when you first met him? 
George always has a great sense of humor about him, and even when things are not going well, he kept his head held high. He's a visionary who sees well into the future, eternal optimist believes in people and enjoys mentoring them.  

What is his leadership like during his time at Comrise?  
He parlays his business know-how and provides the essential tool and canvas to allow people room to express themselves and grow. He opens up the possibilities and inspires the people while giving them the latitude to figure things out for themselves and empowers people to come up with solutions to solve business problems. His enthusiasm and wit are contagious and arouses the desire in people to want to reach for their fullest potential. 

You have been working with George for years now, what are the three most important things you have learned from him?  
1. Seize the opportunity when we have a favorable climate at the right time with the right people to execute.
2. Be open-minded to consider all viable possibilities   
3. Be Generous and fair to all.    
4. Work hard, play hard and eat well.

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