Intern Perspective: Advice to New Hires

Published December 4th, 2019 by Sarah

At Comrise, we prepare our employees to succeed in all aspects of the job, including new professionals in the industry. This week, we sat down with Felicity, Operations Analyst Intern, to discuss her experience working with Comrise, her typical work routine, and the importance of company culture in the workplace. View her responses to our Q&A below or watch the video above for more details.  

As an intern for Comrise, how was the training process?  
Since I am a new employee of Comrise, the training process was an important factor for me. Not only did I learn about how to use our applicant tracking system, but also new key terms and how to apply them to the staffing industry.  I also really enjoyed learning about business development from some of our team members and look forward to learning more about the industry.

What’s the most exciting thing about your job?  
The most exciting thing about my job is utilizing both of my current college majors, Mathematics and Human Resource Management.  The diverse work environment and bicultural background of our team is also a plus. Being bicultural myself, it really helps me to relate to other members of the team. The company culture is great and everyone is very kind and supportive. Even though I make some mistakes during my work, my coworkers will always encourage me to do better next time.  

What opportunities has Comrise provided? 
Comrise gave me first-hand experience of working for a company.  The team here, since my start, has helped me realize the type of career I would like to pursue in the future. 

Which core value do you value most? 
I value “Be Positive" because life is never easy, but we should always have a positive attitude no matter what we do. Also, the culture encourages positivity even if we make mistakes. We are still given enough room to make mistakes but also learn from them. And I appreciate the positive attitude and support from the Comrise family. 

 How important is company culture for our clients, candidates, or customers?   
Our company culture gives more confidence to our clients, candidates, and customers. In this case, our customers are more likely to want to do business with a company that goes the extra mile. For job candidates, we always work collaboratively to help them with their next career opportunity. 

Describe the benefits of Comrise’ diverse work environment 
A diverse work environment provides different perspectives, opinions, and thoughts on the business. Everyone gets the chance to learn about various cultures and I always believe that diversity is the most beautiful thing. Comrise recognizes the people and helps to foster a great diverse work environment for all. 

 What are your goals after college?
Before Comrise, I wanted to pursue an advanced degree in my field of study. And now, I see the benefits of finding and working for a great company. My next goal would be to be more independent and find a job doing what I love, similar to the work I do at Comrise.  

Describe your typical work routine at Comrise and how do you utilize your skills to help the team win!
I generate data every month from our applicant tracking system and conduct analysis reports. My other main job is assisting with the data migration of our former and current ATS provider. My background in mathematics allows me to analyze the data, while my experience with human resources helps me to write and organize reports for our staffing business. 

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