Job Openings Reach Series High at 7.3 Million in December 2018

Published February 14th, 2019 by Sarah

Job Openings Reach Series High at 7.3 Million in December 2018

In this report, we examine the monthly Bureau of Labor Statistics job openings report for December 2018. This data includes the current unemployment rate, number of job openings, and hire vs. quit rate to help inform job seekers, employers, and other industry professionals of the changes in the job field. 

Unemployment [4.0%]
According to the U.S  Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the January 2019 unemployment rate decreased to 4.0 compared to 4.1 in 2018. The official January 2019 job report will be posted March 15th on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website. For now, the current statistics we are working with are located in the December 2018 job report. 

Job openings: [7.3 million]
Job openings saw a 2.36 % increase compared to October 2018 with 7 million. Around 7.3 million new job openings were reported, reaching a series high of 7.3 million in December 2018. 

Hire Rate [3.9%] and Quit rate [2.3%]
The hire rate  was (3.8%) in January, increased to 3.9% by December 2018. As for the number of employees who quit their jobs, the numbers remained unchanged with 2.3%. 

For employers, these statistics allow them to understand the impact of retaining employees is for their company and navigating employee turnover. At Comrise, we specialize in providing staffing solutions for our clients and consultants. We supply both employees and employers with the resources they need for career success.  Take the first step and view our current job openings


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