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Published May 18th, 2017 by Julie

To: My Comrise family,


It was a regular December night at the library before the final week at school. I was desperately studying for my finals when I received an email from Human Resources department saying that Comrise wanted to offer me a marketing internship for the Spring 2017 semester. I remembered I read the email five times just to make sure I completely understood correctly. I did have this fear that maybe I had received this email by mistake. As of at that moment, I was officially an adult.


I am a finance major but ended up taking a marketing class my fall semester where I met a girl named Deyni who was my teaching assistant. Deyni had been interning at Comrise and encouraged everyone in the class to apply for the internship. While i was preparing for my interview, I realized that Comrise was a great fit for me. Although the internship was in marketing and my major is finance, I decided to explore every possibility and opportunity that came my way. What I hoped to gain from my internships were skills that could be applied to daily life and in my future career. Skills such as: interpersonal communication, self-branding, multi tasking, data analysis, research, Excel, teamwork and the ability to work well under pressure. These skills would be beneficial in whatever industry i chose to pursue a career in in the future.


The one thing I love the most about Comrise, is the family atmosphere. My first day at Comrise was full of surprises. Sitting on my desk was a folder with all of the information I needed to get started, and a warm greeting letter to welcome me aboard. The phone even had my name on the screen, and I got my own Comrise mug and lunch bag!


Now I have no frame of reference of what other companies do to welcome their new interns, but while I was standing in front of my cubicle on my first day, I felt truly welcomed and at home.


Working so closely with all of the talented professionals at Comrise really helped me learn how to build relationships, network, and communicate professionally and prepare for the future.  


Everyday at work was a new challenge for me. As a marketing intern, I am expected to design a campaign for a company in hopes of generating new sale leads. In addition I also conducted research on market trends, looked for potential clients by utilizing various social media platforms and other tools. Because Comrise is a diversity owned company, I had the opportunity to act as a translator between the U.S. and China offices.


Another skill I had the chance to improve upon was Excel; something I learned in college but perfected at Comrise. Around 40% of my day revolved around excel sheets, which taught me that Excel is a lot more than just entering data into a spreadsheet.   


I would like to thank my mentor, Brittany, for being open-minded, for trusting me and believing in me because it gave me more confidence in myself and my abilities, for being totally cool with me making mistakes, for teaching me something new every single day.

I am blessed to have had my first internship here because this is a loving environment that encourages me to speak up when I have questions, when I have doubts, and when I have different opinions. Thank you all for being patient with me when I go for help and thank you for eventually letting me take pictures of you for company’s posts after some long battles. By the way, you guys look great on camera!

I am extremely proud to be a part of Comrise family, even if it was for a brief time. I’ve had so many great memories here and everything I’ve learned from my position and from all of you has better prepared me for challenges ahead.

And lastly, I don’t know how many people can say this, but hey, I loved my job.

Marketing Intern at Comrise
April 28th, 2017

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