Top Careers In Technology For 2016

Published December 27th, 2016 by Brittany

Top Careers In Technology For 2016 

When searching online for “tech jobs” in the U.S. the search will return over 60,000 job openings, and this is just on LinkedIn alone! If you take a look at “Best Rankings, U.S. News and World Report’s” website this would not come as a surprise with so many tech jobs making “The 100 Best Jobs” list. Jobs are ranked annually based on the projected number of job openings, opportunity ​to advance and pay scale. Take a look below, at just a few of the awesome tech jobs that made the list for 2016.

1. Computer System Analyst

This job is all about understanding how a computer system can best serve a company. A computer system analyst may need to choose hardware and software for a company - then manage the installation and monitor the outcome. This career fell into the #1 slot for best technology jobs in 2016. View jobs

2. Software Developer

Software is what makes the hardware work. Consumers and businesses use software every day in computers, smart phones and mobile technology. The growth of mobile technology continues to rise every day.  Making these skills a high demand and a profession that ranks #2 in tech jobs. View jobs

3. Web Developer

A web developer needs to be able to create a website that looks good and works well. There is a lot more to development then making sure the text is spelled correctly and the checkout cart works. A web developer needs to understand page layout, graphics, design, organization and many other aspects of a website so that the user can easily navigate it. Web developer ranked #3 in tech jobs. View jobs

4. IT Manager

IT managers are the “go to person”  for any technical questions. They are responsible for ensuring front line technicians are able to quickly solve problems with software and hardware. When your email doesn’t work or the computer has an error message you’re not calling Ghostbusters, you're calling your IT department!  This high pressure career shows up #4 in top tech jobs. View jobs

5. Information Security Analyst

Information Security Analysts are the safe keepers of an organization’s computer information systems. They develop security measures to protect the organization’s computer systems and networks from cyber-attacks (which are becoming more common every day). With corporations the size of JP Morgan, Sony and Target being victims of hacking, these professionals are in a high demand to safeguard companies’ information. Pushing their ranking to #5 for 2016. View jobs

6. Database Administrator

Database Administrator’s organize, store, mine and manage information. They create specific databases for companies to use and secure sensitive information. Based on the volume of information that will need to be managed for businesses in 2017 – this job field is expected to expand. This job came in #6 in tech jobs. View jobs

7. Computer Support Specialist

Coming in at  #7 in tech jobs is Computer Support Specialist. They provide assistance to users who encounter difficulties logging in to their device, general operating system questions and overall software malfunctions.  Computer Support Specialists have  to ask the right questions to get to the source of the user’s problem. Personality and communication are definitely key contributors to the success of this role due to the amount of interaction with others! View jobs

8. Computer Systems Administrator

Computer Systems Administrators are responsible for making sure that the intranet system works. They ensure that all systems that are sharing data work and that computer stations are connected properly. This job came in #8 on the list. View jobs

9. Computer Programmer

Computer Programmers are the innovators who write code enabling software to function. Basically, the programmer is telling the computer what to do and when to do it. They work alongside the Software Developer to write “directions” with programs such as C++ and Python. Programmers fine-tune, improve, debug, and maintain programs so that computers can run without any trouble. This career ranks #9 in best tech jobs. View jobs


The demand for technology professionals continues to grow year over year in tandem with companies who need their services to survive in our technology driven world.

If you are seeking new opportunities with IT or other related fields, take a look at our current job openings. If you are interested in furthering your skills, check out our AngularJS article or visit one of many skill learning websites such as Codeacademy, Udemy or Lynda to improve your skill sets in the field and land one of these dynamic and growing careers!
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Comrise Announces Winner of the 2016 Consultant of the Year Award

Published December 15th, 2016 by Brittany

Hazlet, NJ - December 15,2016 - Comrise Inc., an international staffing and consulting company serving clients in the US and Greater China, is pleased to announce that Tyler Dendle has been honored with the Comrise Consultant of the Year award for 2016. Tyler, who is supporting a client in the San Antonio, TX area, was nominated by her manager for her outstanding performance and overall impact on the business. Every year Comrise puts the spotlight on their consultants for their hard work and dedication and honors the most outstanding among them with this prestigious award.


“Tyler has been a soldier for representing our business.”  wrote her manager. “Tyler feels that she is a true part of our team and treats the position, customers, and her teammates with the utmost respect...She deserves this award because she is the complete package.”


Shelly Carolan, President of Comrise USA, said “We greatly appreciate the exceptional work and commitment shown by our consultants everyday. Tyler truly embodies the Comrise ethos of adding tremendous value to our clients and is well deserving of this award.”


Tyler was just one of many Comrise consultants nominated for this award. Some representative quotes from client managers on other nominees include:


“Joseph's arrival completely changed our course from critical to manageable. His aptitude and willingness to learn in this complex environment was imperative and he delivered well above any expectations that I would have had for any temporary employee.”


“Marisol’s sense of responsibility and commitment goes beyond any consultant.  She has become an integral part of our team.”


“As consultants go, Lou is a real asset to our project and our division meeting our goals.There is a difference between someone who consults or reviews and someone who leads and accomplishes the work.“


About Comrise:
Comrise is the bridge to first-rate talent for organizations that recognize the value of human capital. With locations in the U.S., China, and Hong Kong, we help our clients reach far and wide for both local and international resources which yield the highest return on their human capital investments. Headquartered in New Jersey since 1984, Comrise serves our clients as an international staffing and consulting company. For over 30 years we have delighted our clients and employees by focusing on customer satisfaction, innovation and cost-effective human capital management solutions.

Media contact:

Brittany Collazo

Comrise Inc.


Gain a Competitive Edge: Learn AngularJS

Published November 21st, 2016 by Brittany

Gain a Competitive Edge: Learn AngularJS

Want to learn more about AngularJS and why it is one of the hottest skills in the job market? Look no further. 

Female typing on laptop

As a staffing and recruiting company, Comrise has seen a sharp increase in demand for candidates with AngularJS in their skill set. Things have shifted and it is no longer a “nice to have” skill but rather a “need to have” to be a hot candidate on the market. Many tech jobs including web development, computer programming and software/application development now require candidates to be proficient in AngularJS. According to CareerBuilder, the demand for workers with this particular skill set continuously grew month over month throughout the beginning of 2016. This past September, AngularJS job openings hit a peak of 10,000+ positions nationwide compared to less than 4,000 two years ago. If you are already proficient in AngularJS read no further, apply today with Comrise

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What exactly is AngularJS?

AngularJS is a JavaScript  framework used for creating single page web applications. AngularJS lets you extend HTML vocabulary for your applications. The result is an expressive, readable and quick to develop environment. AngularJS is a very popular tool in the market. Some of the most frequented websites such as Youtube, Amazon, Forbes and Prezi are built with this software.

Why is AngularJS so popular?

AngularJS allows you to create applications in a faster and more efficient way. Using it effectively cuts development time in half versus building an application from scratch without it. One its best features is the versatile templating engine, which allows you to write HTML templates with special tags. Additionally, AngularJS is backed by Google, which means it is regularly improved and is well documented.

How does AngularJS work?

AngularJS provides a framework, so instead of writing code freely, you can streamline the way you write your applications by following a set standard. This allows you to take advantage of the framework’s built-in features such as templating, filter, two-way data binding and more.

AngularJS helps create single page applications so that, regardless of the size of your application, the browser will load a single page. Any additional content will also be loaded to the page as needed. Most users won’t be able to tell the difference and, in many cases, it loads faster since it only loads the content that is needed instead of the whole page.

What to do next?

If you have a strong grasp of JavaScript, you should be able to quickly understand and learn how to use and become an AngularJS developer! There are many free resources online to learn and develop your AngularJS skills. Learning Angular JS with as well as Codeschool are great places to start. After you learn the basics, it is important to stay relevant on updates and trends. A way to do this is by joining AngularJS communities on LinkedIn and Google groups. Wait no more, start your journey towards AngularJS today!

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RightFit Spotlight on OOQIO: Successful Hiring with RightFit

Published August 25th, 2016 by Brittany

OOQIO, a  professional ranking and reference company, has spotlighted our partner RightFit Data Intelligence Inc. Check out  Vice President of Operations, Rob Bigini, discuss the benefits and changes in hiring with their product suite! View article

" Just like we can visualize a candidate's skills instead of putting them in a list, we visualize jobs instead of listing them in alphabetical order or the order they were posted." - Rob Bigini

Jobview by Rightfit

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US Temp Jobs Rise By 15,200, Overall Job Growth Strongest In Eight Months

Published July 25th, 2016 by Brittany


SIA reports positive employment numbers for June for US temporary jobs. To read more, please visit Staffing Industry Analyst. 

“If employment continues to grow by about 150,000 a month, which is the rate in the past two months, the unemployment rate will continue to decline,” said Levanon. “The year-over-year wage growth continues to climb, reflecting an economy moving towards normal labor market tightness.” - Gad Levanon as quoted by SIA's article.

  SIA June Employment Outlook

Image Source : Staffing Industry Analysts