Comrise China Job Openings 讯升中国招聘职位

Published November 4th, 2019 by Jowang

Comrise China is hiring now. Please take a look at the job openings and see if there will be a good fit for you!

欢迎对号入座投递简历 - 讯升无极限,有你更精彩!

Comrise Attends 2019 China HR Expo

Published October 29th, 2019 by Jowang

Comrise China was invited as a member of the “Global Talent Recruiting Alliance” to participate in the 2019 China HR Expo. This event was hosted by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security at the Intercontinental Hotel in Hangzhou, China. 

How did Comrise get started?

Published October 23rd, 2019 by Lisa

How did Comrise get started? 

When and how did George start Comrise?  
Comrise's founder George Liou started Comrise in 1984. George was a consultant at AT&T for ten years before establishing Comrise. He wanted to have higher challenges, so he thought he would start his own consulting/staffing company. George said starting his own business motivated him to work hard because it was much more challenging. 
"There was never a day that was dull, and every year's challenge was different."
- George Liou

2019 Comrise China Promotions

Published October 16th, 2019 by Sarah

After conducting research and establishing the needs of a successful global company, Comrise board of directors have decided to promote Peter Li, Aiwyn Liu, and Stephanie Ye, who are equally experienced in the industry. This organizational change is one that will promote timely and high-quality delivery, all while providing better opportunities for our clients and candidates to help us win! 

Comrise Success Story: From Intern to Business Leader

Published October 7th, 2019 by Lisa

Comrise Success Story: From Intern to Business Leader

Comrise provides a great platform for employee’s career development. We have many great leaders who grew up in Comrise. Today we share a success story from one of our Business leaders in Comrise China.

As a young business leader, Peter Li shares his story on career development from an intern to an experienced professional. Read more on his story below!