Comrise Success Story: From Intern to Business Leader

Published October 7th, 2019 by Lisa

Comrise Success Story: From Intern to Business Leader

Comrise provides a great platform for employee’s career development. We have many great leaders who grew up in Comrise. Today we share a success story from one of our Business leaders in Comrise China.

As a young business leader, Peter Li shares his story on career development from an intern to an experienced professional. Read more on his story below!

How did Peter get started with Comrise?
He first started at Comrise as an intern and gradually developed into a leader of the company through his efforts, training, and the support of his colleagues. 

How does Peter grow from intern to business leader? 
In November of 2011, Peter started as an intern for Comrise China. While still in college and working as an intern, he learned about Comrise and its efforts as a U.S.-owned business. After he graduated, Peter officially joined Comrise as a full-time employee and started his career path. 

What makes Comrise unique?

Comrise has a professional training program with 6 unique characteristics to prepare you for career success. Comrise does the following: 

  1. Promotes a positive work environment: Comrise employees are supportive of each other.
  2. Offers growth opportunities: here is a lot of potential growth within the company.
  3. Encourages Employees to share new ideas and solutions: Comrise doesn't limit its employees. If you have good ideas to bring to the table, willing to work hard, Comrise will help you to success. There is tremendous growth potential with the platform that Comrise provides. 
  4. Provides room to learn from your mistakes: Comrise allows employees to make mistakes because mistakes help employees to boost their learning ability and growth. To grow is to learn from mistakes.
  5. Comrise's leaders are supportive: There's no distance with the leaders in the company. They are always available to their employees. 
  6. Works collaboratively with clients: Comrise's attitude towards clients is to guide them through every step of the way.  

"More than half of our clients have been working with us for over eight years. We support our clients through the ups and downs while providing them with business solutions.” 
- Peter Li 

Overcome difficulties and grow rapidly

Peter told us that when he first started in the staffing industry, he had made many mistakes along the way. The uncertainties and changes during the recruiting process also brought him tremendous pressure. Peter has shared with us the following three steps to overcoming challenges and difficulties. 

  1. Be open to facing mistakes: Summarize the lessons from the mistakes you have made and learn from them. Avoid making the same mistakes by improving work methods and trying out a new way to tackle the problem. 
  2. Learn the organization: There are many leaders and colleagues open to sharing their experiences so new employees can learn from them.
  3. Comprehensive training program: Comrise provides targeted training according to the different stages of an employee career growth. This way employees can master the required knowledge and skills promptly.

Overall, Comrise leaders provide mentorship to their employees when they face difficulties and challenges. With the leaders' help and support, Peter was able to overcome the challenges he was facing. 

Advice to the new recruiters: 

1. Have ambitions: You should be passionate and dedicated to your work. 
2. Keep an open mind: The best way to be successful is to learn from your experiences. Open your horizons to new ideas and opportunities to help you grow. 
3. Patience is key: In the business world, it is important to be honest and not rush the process. There is no shortcut on the road to growth, to develop your skills, you must always be willing to learn.
4. Challenge yourself: Have the confidence to solve problems rather than escaping them.
5. Overcome your fears: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, the fastest way to grow is to learn from them. 

If you want to learn more about Comrise and our international branches, check out our Comrise U.S, Comrise China, and Comrise-Risewave LinkedIn pages.   

Learn more about Comrise’s WeCulture here. 


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