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Published September 5th, 2019 by Sarah

WeCulture is the foundation for our company culture here at Comrise. Every day you walk through these doors and you are greeted with smiles from the wonderful people that make this business possible. At Comrise, our teams are encouraged to share their ideas and collaborate with other members of the team in a positive and solutions-focused approach. Every month, we recognize team members that have gone above and beyond for our company and culture. 

Below, you will find a few of our 2019 WeCulture winners and their success stories! A big thank you to our team and of course U.S President, Chris Ciulla, for setting the foundation of “WeCulture” and Comrise core values.  

Anna Sese, 
Recruitment Supervisor 

As we increased submitted volume to grow the business, the time has come to focus on quality. Anna was assigned to build our new submittal format for all candidates outbound to our clients. In addition to building a great work product, we now have something that will be easy to use for our recruiters, creating efficiency for our sales team, and helping our candidates stand out to our clients. Well done, Anna, we appreciate your leadership! 

Derek Goodwin, 
Business Development Manager 

Derek has been amazing with his efforts in finding new business for Comrise. He is also an expert in reaching out to the right point of contact for client opportunities. Last week he forwarded a new lead to Angela from Lexis Nexis who sits in Shanghai. Thanks to Derek's efforts, Angela contacted the client and got the HR's contact information to forward to the Comrise Asia team. As a result, Comrise Asia team organized a meeting with the TA head for one of our clients, and now they have started to look for candidates for that client. Thanks to Derek, the whole process only took 2 days! Derek, we appreciate you for always being a great example of what it means to Be Collaborative! 

Angela Zhang,
CBSS Account Executive

Angela has been amazing with her collaboration for our China roundtable events and acted as a great organizer for our TGS meetings. She is always willing to help out even when juggling other projects and is an excellent resource for helping new hires understand our Cross Border Services. She was one of the first to offer her support for Sarah's idea for a new WeCulture Campaign. Her positive attitude and can-do mindset make her a great example of Comrise core values.  We can all agree that Angela’s efforts are always 110% for the team, her work, and WeCulture. Together we can!

Nadia Appelbaum, 
Account Executive

Nadia is always the first to volunteer for new initiatives and is a great example of living out WeCulture every day. Anytime we run any marketing campaign she is the first to share and is always willing to create original content for the team. From a business perspective, she executes new techniques and partners with recruiters to uncover hiring processes whenever possible to shorten selling cycles while increasing the potential for starts.

Debbie Chen,
Sr. Account Manager 

Debbie went above and beyond this month by helping her colleagues Angela and Aditi negotiate salary with a new client when the client wanted to negotiate the salary with the candidate directly. Debbie selflessly helped Angela and Aditi with the whole process, while keeping the client's perspective in mind, and mentoring the candidate negotiating the salary. As a team, they successfully closed the deal, meeting both the client and candidate's expectations. Thank you, Debbie, for helping Angela and Aditi win, and for always being Positive and Collaborative. #WeCulture #TogetherWeCan

Hina Kenwal, 
AP/Payroll Specialist

Hina took on the leadership role in our Accounting department by maintaining our payroll timekeeping conversion to help everyone win! Many Comrise employees and vendors spoke about how wonderful Hina was with implementing new projects and strategies to further contribute toward the success of the company. We are so proud of her efforts and exemplifying our core values, Be The Spark and Be Collaborative! 

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