5 Trending Job Industries for Millennials

Published June 19th, 2019 by Comrise

5 Trending Job Industries for Millennials 

Millennials are known as creative thinkers, dreamers, inventors, and innovators of the current generation. They are motivated by success and career opportunities and are very much leaning toward the “start-up” generation. If they are not seeing career growth, they take the initiative to create their own.

With all of this, there are various industries that millennials thrive in. Here are the top trending job industries for millennials today! 

1. Technology
Millennials are in fact tech-savvy, as they are highly skilled in web design, applications, and IT software development. In the age of social media, this comes as no surprise as big technology companies hire millennials for these in-demand skills specifically.

2. Healthcare and Pharmaceutical
Another trending industry for millennials is healthcare, due to the career growth and opportunities in the field. Millennials are also seeking jobs as nurses and medical assistants as they can contribute to a much greater cause. Pro tip: Where there are growth opportunities, millennials are sure to follow as they look for fields that provide career advancement.

3. Financial Services
Others may consider financial services a standard industry, millennials seek jobs in software development, business analyst, accounting, and as financial advisors. The emphasis on tech skills are also strong as more financial professionals require knowledge of such web applications

4. Aerospace and Auto Transmit
As one of the fastest growing industries for millennials, the field of aerospace allows millennials to take on more projects. Millennials prefer to take on challenging tasks and projects that contribute to new ideas and design processes.

5. Engineering
Engineering is also considered as one of the top growing industries for millennials. This field offers various opportunities to work in large technology companies and provides great career growth and stability for the average millennial.  

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