Cross Border Services

Comrise Cross Border Services

Cross Border Services at Comrise addresses the critical hiring complexities typically faced by multinational corporations headquartered in either the US or Greater China that have the goal of expanding the business into other regions. Our unique capabilities combine to provide customized international talent solutions to attract, motivate and retain higher level candidates. We outperform domestic-only companies who use rigid, one-size fits all models that does not work efficiently. We execute a completely integrated hiring approach by helping clients select the best employees for the job, regardless of their countries of origin. This model is backed by our deep knowledge of employment laws and human resource capabilities existing in both the United States and the Greater China region.

Comrise Cross Border Services is unique, as we work with both local and global professionals to provide you with the essentials for your business needs

Our specialized services include:

✔️Human Resources Consulting  人力资源咨询

✔️Bicultural Talent 多元文化人才 

✔️Localized Compensation & Benefits Package 本地化薪酬福利 

✔️Talent Mapping 人才地图 

✔️Smart Hiring 智能招聘 


Talent Globalization Solutions

We also build customized talent global solutions that are simplified as you go global and guaranteed to help you win! Start with TGS (Talent Global Solutions) powered by Comrise.  Our experts are experienced in finding and sourcing local and global talent. We also understand global business practices with combined 35+ years of experience, it’s no wonder companies seek TGS as their “go global” total talent solution.  



  • Global Hiring
  • Executive & Permanent Search
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Payroll & Benefits
  • Training
  • Global Competency Assessment & Effectiveness
  • Global Mindset Training
  • Cross Cultural Leadership Program
  • Talent Globalization Advice
  • Human Resource Consulting
  • Reporting and Industry Insights
  • Talent Mapping
  • Global Hiring
  • Training
  • Talent Globalization Advice

35 Years of Expertise in Staffing, Consulting, and Technology Innovation                      

 6+ office locations globally in over 4 countries

Exclusive patented algorithms and RightFit artificial intelligence technology to source and find passive candidates

>  Team of Cross-border experts to help ease the stress of cultural differences in the workplace

All team members are well versed in both American and Chinese cultures


Looking for talent in U.S. or Greater China?