Cloud Computing Case Study

Comrise​ ​Assists​ ​Global​ ​Cloud​ ​Computing​ ​Leader​ ​in​ ​Recruiting​ ​Talent​ ​to​ ​Meet Critical​ ​Expansion​ ​Goals


A Unique Understanding Leads to A Successful Partnership

One of the largest cloud computing companies in China has become one of the fastest growing internationally. Their services cover an integrated suite of cloud solutions including storage and networking, database services, and security. Founded in 2009, the company has experienced impressive growth and seeks to continue a rapid, but scalable, expansion through the hiring of the right team members.
When Comrise began working with the company, their goals were lofty: globalize cloud services, and bridge communities to connect from the USA to China and from the USA to the Asia Pacific areas. One immediate need that would help in reaching these corporate goals included building up a business development team: sales, pre-sales, and post-sales professionals. Filling the roles proved difficult for their internal resources due to the sheer volume.


Cross Border Expansion

One of the greatest benefits Comrise brought to the relationship was being an international, cross-border company. As a fellow multinational company with business units in China, Comrise was able to quickly address the client’s needs while offering timely, transparent communications and adaptive strategies without the fear of misunderstandings due to language barriers or lengthy wait times created by vastly different time zones. Moreover, with our multinational network, the client was provided unparalleled reach to acquire all levels of candidates, especially bilingual professionals with sales experience.

Through a true understanding of the culture and local presence, constant communication, and a strong network of passive candidates, Comrise was able to effectively fill roles for this client in a median time of just 26 days - faster than the industry average*.

  • Understanding the local culture and the ability to be onsite at offices in two countries allowed Comrise to bridge the gap with local candidates.
  • Comrise remained adaptive to changes in business needs and the skill sets required based on market intelligence. For example, understanding that some would require more bilingual candidates and others would emphasize more on the technical background.
  • Comrise leveraged a unique network and relationships to find passive candidates, who were not actively looking for new job opportunities.
  • Consistent and transparent communication allowed the team to stay agile and proactive to changing client needs.

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