Temporary to Hire Staffing

Temporary to Hire Staffing

Temporary to hire staffing gives you the flexibility and benefits of temporary workers but the peace of mind of solidifying future hiring. In today’s fast-moving employment market, companies cannot afford to risk the time consuming and costly expenses associated with the wrong hire. Many companies prefer the benefits of working with a temporary to hire staffing(known as temp to hire) approach as it provides a “try and buy” experience. At Comrise, we understand the importance of ensuring that both the technical and company culture preferences of our clients are met. So, we've combined cutting edge recruiting technology with local teams that have the knowledge and background to successfully source, screen and place temporary candidates. The end result: you save time and money in the hiring process without sacrificing quality. With our temporary staffing solutions, you’ll find that every candidate we send you is qualified and personalized for your business needs.

We Take Care of the Heavy Lifting

Let our staffing agency ease the burden of daily, time-consuming recruitment challenges  so your human resource team can focus on what matters most. Below are ancillary staffing services available based on your business needs:

  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Candidate Phone Screening
  • Candidate Interviewing
  • Background Check Verification
  • Professional Reference Check

With this weight lifted, your internal talent acquisition teams can focus on what matters most. With a temporary to hire staffing solution through Comrise, both your company and the temporary employees can determine if there is a suitable and lasting employment relationship between both parties before making a long term commitment. With temp-to-hire staffing services, you are able to evaluate your contractor’s performance on-the-job before committing to a permanent hire.

Benefits of Temporary to Hire Staffing

Temp to hire staffing offers similar benefits as temporary staffing.

  • Cost-effective: Business owners who utilize temp to hire staffing have more flexibility when finding employees to fill in the gap for direct employees on family leave, maternity leave, vacation, and sabbaticals. Some temporary employees may demand higher compensation, but they don’t usually get “soft benefits”. Temporary workers also help contribute to reducing the overall staffing costs.
  • Training: The turn around time for temporary employees is a shorter cycle as these are skilled and experienced workers that companies bring in for specific needs.
  • Assessing with Confidence: There are risks involved when hiring permanent employees especially if you are tasking them with a difficult job. With temporary to hire staffing, you are able to "try out" individuals for future full-time positions (often called temp to hire). This is a simple and effective way to find well-trained and pre-screened employees in a short time and without commitment.

For job seekers and employers, temporary staffing agencies provides work for a temporary, contract, and independent consultants. This is great for workers looking for short projects and essential for small businesses seeking a simple and straightforward recruitment process. At Comrise staffing agency, we contribute to your business success by selecting professionals and qualified candidates for all your employment needs. This includes client staffing in temporary employment, temporary to hire, full time, part-time, and direct hiring. We provide the right industry professionals for temp staffing and workforce solutions personalized for your business!

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