Search Visualization Technology


Comrise is a diversity owned staffing & enhanced search technology company. Our search visualization technology is backed by 30+ years of recruiting expertise. Comrise recruiters utilize advanced clustering algorithms to create interactive visual maps of candidates to find the right fit for our clients. These maps help eliminate bias by solely focusing on the most prevalent skills, experiences and technologies that appear amongst resumes, allowing us to build a more diverse talent pool. 

We realize that technology and innovation is not the destination, but the means to deliver our brands and services to people whose lives we touch. We will continue to utilize business data Intelligence to guide us, our partners and candidates to make better and quicker decisions for optimal results.  Here's how we do it:

  • 80% of our recruiters are bilingual which allows us to more widely source and screen candidates.
  • Our website and job portal are localized for more than one country, which allows a more diverse group of candidates to self-apply. Coupled with our visualization technology, our self-applicant rate has increased by over 146% year over year. This results in a wider array of candidates with hard to find skill sets that meet our clients needs.
  • We actively partner with community diversity programs/platforms that look to attract and guide diverse candidates to become part of our applicant pool.
  • A larger and more diverse candidate pool results in better quality candidates for our clients.
  • We effectively partner with our clients to develop unique strategies that help them achieve their diversity program goals.

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